/Plan B receives little US air play

Plan B receives little US air play

The UK rapping star Plan B has stated he is bemused and disappointed at the low amounts of music air time he is receiving in the US. The notoriously difficult to break United States has not responded well to the artist, although he has stated he will not hang around for success in the US. He believes that his music, that offers similar taste to black rap artists may be too different for the US market to accept. A large rapping culture is present within the US although the majority of people that are popular tend to be black rap artist such as Kanye West, 50 Cent, Usher and Snoop Dogg.

Whilst the star has stated that he is bemused by the lack of air play that he is receiving in the US, the 27 year old star has stated he is grateful for the recognition he is receiving within the UK. He stated that he does not have time to wait around for the US DJs to recognise his talent and he will therefore continue to focus his efforts on the UK market.

Plan B whose real name is Benjamin Paul Ballance Drew has stated that the success that he has achieved across the Atlantic is bewildering, he said that his success is being hindered by American DKs.

His debut album Who Needs Action When You Got words was released in 2006 and he was just this week awarded three Ivor Novello Awards. He received the Ivor Novello awards for the best album for his 2010 release The Defamation of Strickland Banks, the most performed work for his single She Said and also the prestigious award of songwriter of the year. Due to these fantastic recognitions his fans and music industry experts have spoken out stating he has nothing to worry about after not being accepted greatly within the US music market.

Plan B continues to state that he is not concerned with being famous, his paramount importance is that his fans continue to listen to and appreciate his music. The artist is currently working on his new material that is anticipated to be released later this year or potentially early next year. His record label have stated that his success is due to his sheer hard work and his continuing commitment to the UK music industry.