/Plan B – Changing People’s Lives

Plan B – Changing People’s Lives

Plan B who is also known as Ben Drew has become one of the most recognised artists within the UK music market, he also a very popular artist, writer and directors. Although his success has come against all odds after he grew up with an absent father and the majority of his associates were attempted to crack. Plan B states that he never doubted himself and he knew he must fight for respect.

Only last week the artist was the number three headliner on the main stage at he Glastonbury Festival. He followed two of the biggest names in the music business, Beyonce and Pendulum. Although his success does not stop here, he also been awarded with a Brit Award, three Ivor Novello Awards and also numerous roles within significant films.

Drew revealed that performing at Glastonbury was one of the biggest highlights in his musical career and something which he will never ever forget. He has ranked this alongside receiving any award and even producing a number one album.

His first album was released in 2006 and was named Who Needs Actions When You Got Words. This album presented the lifestyle of youth street life, it depicted living with a mother who had a boyfriend who was addicted to crack. He also explained how he fell in love with a underage girl and that people with such lifestyles were forced to constantly fight to protect being robbed. One of the songs which was popular and also controversial was from the viewpoint of the killer of Damilola Taylor, the track was named Kidz.

The release of his second album was a shock to the music industry and his fans because the type of music featured on it was much different to his first album. Released in 2010, The Defamation of Strickland Banks became a UK number one and was also a triple platinum selling album.

This album featured soul music which focused around a singer who was named Strickland Banks. The artist had been convicted wrongly of rape and sent to prison, he then went on to kill someone within the prison.

The music which Plan B has created holds significant messages but the artist is aware that many people may fail to appreciate or understand these messages. The artist has now begun work on his next album although he has not revealed the type of music which it will be or what the focus of the album will be.