/Physical Music Sales Increase?

Physical Music Sales Increase?

New research which has been released appears to disagree with the announcements from the music industry stating that the physical music sales have decreased. According to the newest research the majority of the UK music consumers continue to purchase physical albums and singles. It is also suggested that they continue to listen to the traditional radio.

This basically disagrees with all of the other announcements that have been made regarding music sales.

The research suggests that around eight percent of the British population would rather own physical music copies than download music. The study was commissioned by music download website eMusic and AIM.

At present around seventy percent of music consumers download new music releases and around forty six percent use streaming services.

It has also been suggested that around sixty eight percent of people purchase physical music copies.

Whilst this has been announced, the reality is that music downloads is on the rise and physical music sales have dropped dramatically in recent times.