/Phantom Limb: Draw The Line

Phantom Limb: Draw The Line

I think it’s safe to say, that for me at least, Phantom Limb have the element of surprise on their side. Looking at their band name conjured up images of goth/metal/rock bands, and what I got from this Bristol based band was something quite different.

This act has fused together subtle country sounds, with a classic blues/soul rhythm, and the gospel tinged vocals of Yolanda Quartey. Their song ‘Draw The Line’ is smooth and polished, but for me it’s missing something. The intro seems a bit too short, and the overall pace of the song is quite sedentary. Although it’s very polished and harmonic, I don’t think it soars as much as the press material would have you believe, and the country influences didn’t really get me excited. It’s certainly different, compared to what’s in the U.K market at the moment, and may well find a niche with fans looking for intimate blues/soul music, but I couldn’t help wanting something more.

‘Draw The Line’ is released on October 26th, followed by the release of ‘Phantom Limb’ the album on 9th November 2009. For more information visit www.myspace.com/phantomlimbrobo