/Will And The People: Mr Sketchy (Single)

Will And The People: Mr Sketchy (Single)

One of the perks of being a music journalist, and a quite exciting one at that is discovering the fresh and exciting acts lurking in your pile of review CD’s. Will And The People is one such act, and after being blown away by the first track they sent in to music.co.uk, I was looking forward to hearing their second album teaser.

Mr Sketchy didn’t disappoint. Just like Will And The People’s other songs it bursts out of the speakers to full effect, charming me with its simple, summery drum beats, retro rhythms, and interesting lyrical phrases like “energy vampires sucking on me’. Energy and character are both things that it would be very hard to suck out of a track like this, and frankly why would you want to! The CD came complete with a quirky electro remix, which I’m sure will make an impact in the clubs, but it didn’t excite me as much as the radio edit. That said, Will and The People are definitely an act to look out for this year. Mr Sketchy just further illustrates their quirky, creative, and ultimately engaging approach to their music, and I for one can’t wait for the album.

Will And The People release their album in July 2010. For more information visit www.myspace.com/willandthepeople