/Paramore Release New Album

Paramore Release New Album

American rock band Paramore have released their fourth studio album, Paramore.  The album is the follow up to 2009’s critically aclaimed, Brand New Eyes.

Since forming in 2004, Paramore have demonstrated that they are a band who aren’t afraid of changing themselves or breaking the mould. Consisting of Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York, the band have achieved massive success all over the world.

Paramore is the first album the band have released since the departure of Josh and his brother Zac Farro, who both left Paramore in 2010. Since then the band have released the track Monster and have made a handful of live performances.

In the past few years the attention has shifted from their music, and has focused more on the private life of the band; in particular the conflicting reasons why the Farro brother both left the band. Paramore however demonstrates what the band are capable of without them, providing a different sound and feel to anything featured on their previous three albums.

Containing a massive 17 songs, the album was streamed live over 4 nights on the bands website and has so far received a far more mixed reception than their previous work. Paramore is divided into three sections, with an interlude playing before each section begins; a factor that hasn’t been seen on any of the bands previous work.

Two singles have already been released off the new album, each with differing sounds. The first single to be released, Now is an anthemic rock song that blasts out the lyrics ‘If there’s a future we want it now’. This is quite a contrast to the second single; the far ‘poppier’ Still Into You. 

A crowd pleaser from the previous album was The Only Exception, a softer, heartfelt track that really showcased Hayley Williams vocals. Still Into You is a far more experimental and catchy track, and it’s safe to say that it is certainly a grower. Lyrically and vocally it isn’t as strong as The Only Exception; however as weak as the lyrics and verses may be, it’s worth hanging on in there to hear the chorus, which is full of what you would expect from the band.

Paramore are back and are ready to try and conquer the world once more. For anyone who didn’t catch the live streaming, it will be interesting to hear how Paramore’s music and lyrics sound now that two of the bands founding members have left.

Paramore’s new album is available to buy and download now.