/Paramore Hit With Power Cut At Reading Festival

Paramore Hit With Power Cut At Reading Festival

Paramore were hit with technical difficulties last night during their first ever headline performance at Reading Festival.

The band who were co-headlining the opening the opening night of the Reading Festival were hit with a power failure around 25 minutes into their set.

At first there seemed to be some sort of confusion as to what was going on, with lead singer Hayley Williams seemingly oblivious to the fact that the power had gone off.

After asking the audience if they wanted to hear a love song, the band were met with an unexpected response; with Hayley Williams initially thinking that the audience weren’t happy with hearing a ‘Love Song’.

However after tapping her microphone, it was soon realised that the power had gone off and the audience hadn’t actually heard a word she had been saying. Interestingly however was for those watching at home, the sound had remained intact.

The band eventually settled on playing an acapella version of ‘The Only Exception’, with Hayley Williams telling the audience she would never forget this night and event.

Hayley Williams later tweeted to say: “To be able to have a 100% candid & vulnerable moment w/ that many people & at such a high pressure show was so satisfying.”

During the set Paramore covered some of their greatest hits spanning across their four studio albums, including: Ignorance, Pressure, Decode and That’s What You Get.

The band then embarked on an energetic rendition of ‘Misery Business’, which saw Hayley Williams bring up a member of the audience to help close the set.

Once again the band were hit with technical difficulties when a microphone went off, however the sight of watching Hayley Williams jump around with a person in a dinosaur onesie was a fitting tribute to what was an eventful set.

For those who missed the set last night, it’s available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.