/Paralympics Closing Ceremony

Paralympics Closing Ceremony

The Paralympics of 2012 was drawn to a close on Sunday evening; the event that was held in London was one of the most successful of all times. Similar to the Olympic games the sporting Paralympics was brought to a close with a dramatic closing event.

Some of the most popular artists within the music world performed at the closing event. Popular British band Coldplay performed at the event as the headlining act. It is believed that the band turned down the opportunity to play at the closing ceremony of the Olympic games in order to be the headlining act at the Paralympics.

Whilst the ceremony was well received by many, there have been questions around some of the artists that performed at the event.

Jay Z and Rihanna may well be considered as two of the best artists in the world, many people question whether they were out of place during the closing event.

Many critics have suggested that these artists were crowd pleasing additions rather than being involved for the right reasons. In many people’s views the closing ceremony should have been focused on British music and culture.

Many British music stars who were excluded from involvement in the Olympics are likely to question why this happened.

Whilst many critics questioned why this happened, the majority of people