/Paolo Nutini: Candy

Paolo Nutini: Candy

Paolo Nutini is a man riding on the crest of a wave, that he hopes won’t come crashing down to earth with the release of his new single ‘Candy’, taken from the album ‘Sunny Side Up’. This album has reached number one three times, and spent 20 weeks in the Top Ten. Will ‘Candy’ continue his impressive chart run? Only one way to find out!

The one thing that always strikes you immediately about Paolo Nutini is his voice, and as expected his distinctive vocal tone was used to full effect on this song. This was coupled with an indie/folk arrangement on guitar, which at first seems melancholy, then more reflective as the song moves on. It’s atmospheric, quite chilled (although it does rock out a bit towards the end), and has a definite island/tropical feel to it. This theme is continued in the video, which shows a happy couples island wedding. The whole production on both the song and video is all simple/natural, and that makes it all the more engaging.

On a personal level, Paolo Nutini isn’t an artist I’ve paid close attention to before, but the song grew on me after a few listens, and although some of the lyrics could have been clearer in the vocal mix, I enjoyed the song, and the atmosphere he created with it.

‘Candy’ is released as a download only single on April 19th. The album ‘Sunny Side Up’ is available now from all the usual outlets. For more information visit www.paolonutini.com