/Paloma Faith: New York (Single Review)

Paloma Faith: New York (Single Review)

From Charm Factory Website

Paloma Faith, like many creative types struggling to make it, has had a whole host of interesting jobs that have included stints in Cabaret, Acting, and a Ghost on a Ghost Train. Now she has added singing to her armour, and after one top 20 single, you sense that this is a move that will truly unleash her potential and talent.

This is the first time I had come across this artist, so I had no idea what to expect when I slipped her second single ‘New York’ into the CD player. The song began with a delicate orchestral intro, and a small amount of percussion. It was quite fantastical, and led me to expect something quirky/folk in style. The slight sense of fairytale continued in lyrics, such as ‘pages turn, tale unfolds’, but the music was something of a surprise. The music in ‘New York’ is a refreshing burst of R&B/Pop, with well arranged instrumentation, and a catchy urban beat. It’s very easy to listen to, and the song builds up nicely as the beats, and choir backing kicks in. Paloma holds her own vocal wise, and has a slight Macy Gray style tone to her voice. I enjoyed ‘New York’, and was quite impressed with the both song and artist. The question now is, will  Paloma Faith be a one trick pony, or will the former magicians assistant continue to weave her magic on music fans with this single, and her forthcoming album? I don’t think I’d bet against her.

‘New York’ is released on the 14th of September, followed by an album release on September 28th. For more information visit www.palomafaith.com