/Paloma Faith: Upside Down

Paloma Faith: Upside Down

As far as debut albums go, ‘Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful’ has gone down very well with the British public, and has recently been certified Gold. One of the live favourites from this album, ‘Upside Down’ will be released as a single this month, and the video has just arrived in my inbox.

In true Paloma style, this video is something a little bit different, and I enjoyed the start where the camera zooms in on a pink/white canvas, the shapes on it becoming Paloma’s umbrella. I think someone should really have sacked the stylist that put Paloma in Nora Batty style headgear, pink hair, and a voluminous feather jacket though! retro it may be, but if first impressions are anything to go by, this doesn’t really work for me. All is not lost however, as a stylish yellow number completes the fashion parade in this video, and Paloma continues her routine with the dancers, some giant balloons, and the umbrellas, which make another appearance later in the video.

The video is quite striking, and a lot of fun to watch. It accompanies a strong and distinctive vocal, and a very catchy melody, the only problem is, I’m not really sure what the lyrics are about yet? I enjoyed the song though, and it was good to hear male backing vocals singing back at Paloma, a style/technique you don’t always hear much of in solo releases. On reflection my favourite of the two singles I’ve reviewed would be ‘Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful’, but I think this will continue Paloma’s run of good form when it’s released.

‘Upside Down’ is released on March 14th. For more information visit www.palomafaith.com