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Oswald: These Days

Although record companies normally make a lot of the big decisions when it comes to a bands career, at grass roots level people like to do things a bit differently. So it came to be, that the fans of Scottish three piece Oswald, chose the track that the band would release as their single. The question is, will I agree with the fans choice of ‘These Days’; only one way to find out!

This is a song that should be listened to on proper stereo equipment, as the sound can come over as quite raw and tinny on smaller speakers, like those on a laptop. Once you get the full effect of the instrumentation, a sense of déjà vu envelops you. I think it would be safe to say this is a group heavily influenced by acts such as U2, Coldplay, Keane etc. So it’s current, perhaps not as original as it could have been, and the lyrics were a little repetitive, but I still enjoyed it, especially when the vocal harmonies and brass section kicked in towards the end.

‘These Days’ is accompanied by two other tracks, the first, ‘Banging On Those Drums’ was a quite chilled yet soaring slice of indie/rock. The production here was polished, and although there was maybe too much distortion on the guitars for my taste, it did make an impression. The final track ‘Home’ though, was the one that stuck in my head. It’s a heady and highly catchy fusion of tight guitars, and the odd electro beat/sound effect. Again, the brass section is strong and adds variety, and the overall melody builds up nicely.

‘Home’ for me, is the track to get the toes tapping, and if I’m honest it’s the strongest of the three. That said, all the songs go well together on a C.D; probably work really well live, and will appeal to a broad range of people. As I said from the top, it’s quite similar to what’s out there already, but it’s also done pretty well, so all I can say is good luck boys, I’m sure there’s a place in the market for you.

To find out more about Oswald visit www.oswaldtheband.com.

Single available now!