/Orange to Battle Spotify in UK

Orange to Battle Spotify in UK

Mobile phone and internet service provider Orange is close to securing a deal which will see a service similar to Spotify being developed. The company hopes to enjoy similar success to the unique music service provider Spotify. It is believed that Orange is close to completing a deal with music streaming service Deezer. Orange hopes it will be able to encourage its mobile phone customer to use to service as the company looks to expand their involvement in the entertainment industry.

Orange the well known business within the UK is part of the Everything Everywhere group. Just last week the French music streaming website Deezer announced that it planned to launch in the UK by the end of the month. It is believed that both companies have now agreed a partnership; although neither company has confirmed or denied this agreement.

According to music industry experts the people at Orange have realised the importance of new digital services such as Spotify. The company believes they will be able to attract new customers through the new music product in the UK. This news comes as a shock as it was believed that Orange had started negotiations to enter into a partnership with Spotify. It now seems that Orange and Deezer will go into direct competition against Spotify within the UK music streaming market. It is expected that this partnership will be announced shortly.

Orange customers are likely to benefit from free access to the service as the company looks to extend the range of benefits offered to their customers. Some industry experts suggest that only certain customers on certain tariffs will receive truly free access.

This is yet another move by Orange to enter the music business, previous projects have included Orange Music and Orange Monkey. Earlier this month the business also teamed up with Apple to offer iTunes deals.

Main rival Spoitfy has recently announced that has agreed a partnership with Virgin Media within the UK. Virgin will offer the music streaming service through their digital television and mobile phone range.