/Oonagh Cassidy : Then And Again EP

Oonagh Cassidy : Then And Again EP

Oonagh Cassidy is one of the first artists to be signed to new label Break Free Records, and another singer that I came across via my local new music radio show. Oonagh hails from Belfast, and has recently released a four track EP which I have for review.

The CD begins with a cover of the Cyndi Lauper hit ‘Time After Time’, which I guess is designed to draw the audience in, and give them something to relate to. Although Oonagh puts her own stamp on this version, and the string arrangement is good, I’m not sure how well it suits her voice, which is also a little inconsistent in places. Having listened to the remaining tracks on the EP- all original songs, I would say having a cover version on there perhaps isn’t the best decision. But moving on, Oonagh’s original tracks show her potential as a songwriter, and a good relationship with her writing and production team. The first track ‘Right There’ is a quite haunting folk affair, with rhymic drum beats high in the mix, while the second ‘Reeling’ has a nice balance of acoustic guitar and piano sounds. The story is one full of charm, and interest, and the melody is well written. This is followed by the chilled, and distinctive ‘Beautiful Distraction’, which although not as original lyrically as it’s predecessor, still ends the EP in a distinctive style. My favourite track of the four was definitely ‘Reeling’. I was totally captivated by the melody, and think this could do really well for Oonagh.

This is a lady who certainly has talent, she just needs to stop including cover versions, concentrate on the original songs, and make sure she doesn’t overcook the vocals so all the lyrics are easy to hear and listen to. Apart from that it was definitely one of the better acoustic CD’s I’ve had in to review.

‘Then And Again’ is available now from all good online outlets. For more information, please visit www.myspace.com/oonaghcassidy