/Olympics Music Track List Leaked

Olympics Music Track List Leaked

The playlist for the Olympics has been secretly leaked but the organisers are denying that this will be going ahead. Many who have seen the list, which features 86 different songs, have suggested that it is a music playlist like no other.

Songs included in the apparent Olympics playlist include The Eton Boating Song, Elgar and Handel and also God Save The Queen.

It is thought that the music list that has been released will be used on the opening ceremony at the Olympics. Whilst this has not been confirmed by the organisers many people believe that this is a track list that could only have been chosen by the great Danny Boyle; who is currently in charge of organising the event.

The eighty six different songs that will be used throughout the opening ceremony have been picked in order to sum up Britain. On this basis there is a mix of both and old and new artists; many of whom are loved by all.

Some of the modern day artists that appear on the list include Happy Mondays, New Order, Rizzle Kicks, Kano and Tinie Tempah.

The list is not inclusive of artists that are form Britain, for example Billie Jean by Michael Jackson is featured on the track list. There is a total mix of song genres and this is a much anticipated event for many.

The Olympics will be used to celebrate many different matters within the UK and this includes the celebration of UK music.