/The Olympics Closing Ceremony

The Olympics Closing Ceremony

The Olympics has been a major success for London and the whole of the UK but the closing ceremony is now approaching. Music fans across the world already speculating around who will perform at these ceremony.

The opening ceremony was packed with popular artists including Dizzee Rascal, the Arctic Monkeys and Sir Paul McCartney.

It has already been revealed that George Michael will perform as part of the closing ceremony and he has spoken out about how nervous he is.

The singer confirmed last month that he will be singing two tracks at the closing ceremony when it is held on August 12th.

The live performance from George Michael will be his first in twelve months and he has revealed that he is eagerly awaiting the ceremony. Numerous other major artists are expected to join George Michael in the closing of the Olympics.

Rumours that are currently circulating about the closing ceremony have suggested that One Direction, The Who, Queen, Take That and the Spice Girls could perform. Whoever is confirmed to perform it is expected that the ceremony will celebrate the best of British music.

Pink Floyds has denied claims that he will perform with Ed Sheeran as part of the closing ceremony at the Olympics