/Obehi: Everything EP

Obehi: Everything EP

Originally born in Nigeria, Obehi now lives in Glasgow, where she is hoping to follow her dreams, and become a successful singer, songwriter, and performer. Described as a ‘shy’ girl with dreams, music has obviously given this new R&B singer confidence, though on the evidence of her debut EP, I think it’s safe to say she is just on the start of her musical journey.

I guess in some ways this EP is everything you’d expect a first EP to be. It’s like testing the water vocally and musically, experimenting with different styles and tempos, and hopefully providing the listener with something to grab onto and relate to.

For me, it’s not really delivering the passion it promises on paper. All the songs could do with a bit more punch in places, especially in the choruses, which could be more infectious, and more variety in vocal arrangements. That said, the piano based intro to first track ‘Everything’ is well done, there’s some good vocal intonations and funk in the verses of ‘For You’, and a smooth, well produced intro, and backing vocals in final track ‘Don’t Come Home To Me’. The EP is too generic to fully captivate me, but there were parts that showed promise, and as Obehi develops, she’ll no doubt produce stronger beats and melodies, and move away from standard looped R&B beats. Good, quite chilled, but not sparkling enough for me yet.

‘Everything’ the EP is out now. For more information visit www.obehimusic.com or www.myspace.com/obehionline