/Oasis Will Not Reunite

Oasis Will Not Reunite

Claims suggesting that Noel Gallagher is eager for an Oasis reform have been rubbished by the individual. The claims from his brother Liam Gallagher suggested that Noel is desperate for Oasis to be back together. Noel has stated these claims are totally wrong but his mind could be changed if he needed the money.

In a recent interview the now solo artist Noel Gallagher stated that his original comments surrounding a reformation of Oasis in 2015 had been taken totally out of context. A reformation in 2015 would mark the 20th anniversary of What’s The Story Morning Glory.

In recent weeks Noel and Liam Gallagher have publically debated the prospect of an Oasis reunion through the use of the British media. Liam Gallagher has stated that he would like to reunite one day but this has been rejected by older brother Noel.

Speaking out Liam Gallagher stated that Noel was desperate for Oasis to get back together but Noel stated his original comments had been twisted by a journalist. Noel Gallagher stated that the journalist had changed his comments totally and that the internet surge around Oasis reforming was based on totally incorrect information.

The Oasis brothers have had numerous public feuds in recent times and there continues to be a long battle between them. Whilst the many fans of Oasis are hoping for a reunion of the band sometime soon they may actually be waiting a very long time.

The chances of the band reforming are looking incredibly slim and it is now doubted that this will ever happen.