/Nominations in for Adele

Nominations in for Adele

The achievements of popular artist Adele continue to increase and there is no doubt that singing sensation has become the artist of 2011. Adele has outclassed all of her US Rivals and she has received the most nominations for the American Music Awards 2011. The artist from London has received more nominations than any other artist, even those that originate from America. This has become yet another record that Adele can now add to her achievements; this year alone the singer has broken numerous different records.

At present the artist is laying low as she is suffering from a vocal cord hemorrhage and this has disrupted numerous different live performances that had been scheduled. The highest number of nominations received has been achieved by seeing off a vast number of major artists including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce. One music fan stated that this was a great day for the UK music industry and a day that Adele should be incredibly proud of.

The nominations that the twenty three year old star has received are for Artist of the Year, Best Rock and Pop Song, Best Female Artist and Best Album. The ceremony for the awards will be held in Los Angeles on November 20th.

This will come as a welcome piece of good news for Adele who has of late has had a terrible time with illness. The Brit has bee forced to drop numerous live performance dates and many fans have been left disappointed. Adele has taken to Twitter to apologise to her fans and stated that dates are only cancelled as a very last step. The management of Adele have forced her to cancel numerous different dates in order to allow her voice to recover. Doctors have stated that Adele could lose her singing voice if she does not care for it properly.

The press have been hot on the heels of Adele and have questioned whether her smoking habit is healthy for her singing career. Medical staff stated that the voice difficulties that Adele was suffering from have worsened due to her still performing whilst having voice issues.

The star has taken to her online blog in order to inform fans of how heartbroken she is about cancelling performances and the difficulties she is facing with the voice difficulties. Adele has recently been forced to cancel a ten date tour in the United States that was sold out.