/Noel Gallagher supports Lowry Campaign

Noel Gallagher supports Lowry Campaign

A campaign which is aiming to make the artwork of LA Lowry more accessible to the general public is being supported by the unlikely character of Noel Gallagher.

Gallagher, the former member of legendary band Oasis has spoken out about the campaign which is being devised by Sir Ian McKellen. Backers of this campaign would like the Tate gallery in London to display some of the master pieces created by LS Lowry.

When questioned why he had chosen to the support the campaign Noel Gallagher stated that the artwork of Lowry had helped Oasis to create a video to one of their songs, The Masterplan. He stated that the work of Lowry had been true inspiration.

A documentary has been created by McKellen centred around the work of LS Lowry, within this production Gallagher questioned why the pieces of art were not regarded as Tate worthy, he jokingly suggested that this was due to Lowry being from the North rather than the South.

The art work of Lowry is best known for showing the lives of people in Northern towns of England. The music video for the Oasis song The Masterplan featured animations which had been created with a Lowry vision in mind.

In a recent interview Gallagher was asked when the first time he saw a Lowry painting was, although he was unable to provide an answer. Although what he did state was that seeing the first painting made by Lowry was a similar experience to first hearing The Beatles. Both he events he stated have had a significant effect on his life and his work within Oasis; and later on his solo career.

Gallagher suggested that Lowry has always been present in his life and that he cant put a time on when he has been most influential or when he entered.

Liam Gallagher has been question about the role of Lowry within the work of Oasis but he has stated that he is unaware of his significance. Although this appears to be unsurprising as the bitter feud between the brothers continues to be present.

Whilst ever this conflict does remain it is unlikely that Oasis will ever work together again, something which deeply upsets the millions of fans across the globe.