/Noel Gallagher Lacks Radio Air Play

Noel Gallagher Lacks Radio Air Play

Noel Gallagher is arguably one of the biggest rock stars of all times and he is hugely respected within the music industry. Making up part of the major Oasis set up Noel has had great influence over the rock music industry and in many cases he has shaped the music tastes of millions. The ongoing feud between himself and his brother and fellow band member Liam has continued; on this basis both brothers have gone their own ways. Liam has consequently joined another band that is producing similar music to Oasis and Noel has decided to focus on solo work.

The former Oasis Rocker Noel has struggled to get any radio station coverage of his new solo material. Whilst this is a massive struggle for many music artists, this has never been a problem for Noel before. Although despite this, Noel has insisted that he does not mind that he is not being featured on radio air time.

The rocker believes that he is not being played on the radio because he is forty four and there are many other younger artists on the market. Noel states that he totally understands how radio stations operate and how the UK music industry functions.

The majority of artists in the UK wish to get their music played on Radio BBC One as this is where the majority of radio listeners are. This provides great exposure and it pretty much guarantees that the song will enter the charts highly, if not become number one.

Noel Gallagher stated that he has had his go at Radio One and that he will not expect any favours from anyone at the radio station; he stated that he feels that age is a policy. Carrying on his comments about this matter Noel stated that the Internet has almost made radio obsolete and therefore it is irrelevant.

Gallagher also made some interesting and revealing comments about the X Factor. Speaking out the star stated that Simon Cowell begged him to appear on the show as a judge after informing Gallagher that the show would be revamped totally. It is believed that Cowell told Gallagher that he needed an alpha male like himself to take his place on the judges panel. The ex Oasis front man turned down the position because he feels that it is not for him but he did state that he feels the minimum age for the show should be eighteen and not sixteen.