/Nightbus: I Wanna Be You (Single)

Nightbus: I Wanna Be You (Single)

If first impressions are important, then Nightbus certainly made a good one on me when their details/debut single arrived on my desk! The first thing that struck me about this band was their image; quirky, retro, and just a little bit like the Scissor Sisters!

The glam disco theme that the Scissor Sisters favour was probably an influence on their track ‘I Wanna Be You’, along with elements of trance, disco, and ambient dance music. There are big hooks to grab on to in both the music and lyrics, and the male vocalist commands a strong presence too. My only real criticism would be of the female vocal, which in places sounds a bit disjointed, and in the distance, almost like it’s not really part of the song! That aside, I really liked this track, its radio friendly, lively, and would certainly get me dancing at a gig!

Apparently the lyrical content is all about infatuation and obsession, so the question is, will you be obsessing over Nightbus this summer? We certainly will be!

Nightbus will release ‘I Wanna Be You’ on July 26th, but you can pre-order it now from all good download sites! For more information please visit http://www.myspace.com/nightbusmusic.