/Newton Faulkner: Over And Out (Single/Video)

Newton Faulkner: Over And Out (Single/Video)

Newton Faulkner is back, bigger and better than ever, with ‘Over And Out’ a single taken from the album ‘Rebuilt By Humans’. The song starts off quite slowly with some unusual piano notes. They give a quaint, slightly old fashioned feel to the verses in the early part of the song. This coupled with Newton’s distinctive vocal adds a poignancy to the piece which is quite unique. It’s quite an unusual start to the song, which I’m a little undecided about, but the song has a more recognisable flow, and builds up nicely from hereon in. The bridge and chorus soar and swirl around the room, turning the melody into something quite immense and catchy. Although I’m undecided about the first half of the song, I really enjoyed the second half, and it’s certainly opened my eyes to an artist that wouldn’t normally make my playlist.

The video for the song is available to watch on youtube and shows Newton Faulkner arrive in a public place, set up an old fashion projector, and watch a show reel of himself singing the song. He seems quite content with what he sees in the projection, and so he should be. It’s not an idea I’ve seen on many video’s before, but it works, and fits in well with the style of the song. Something I’m sure fans old and new will enjoy.

‘Over and Out’ is released on November 30th, taken from the album ‘Rebuilt By Humans’ which is available now. For more information visit www.newtonfaulkner.com