/A Nervous Adele

A Nervous Adele

She has become one of the biggest music stars in the industry and has two top selling albums, although despite this Adele states she still suffers from problems with nerves. The artist has revealed that she does have a problem with self confidence and she also revealed she finds performing in front of large audiences very daunting. This statement comes from an artist who has had two top selling albums in the charts at the same time. Earlier this year Adele dominated the album charts with her new album 21 and her previous album 19. Adele has had fantastic success not only within the UK but all over the world.

Adele even downplays the reason why people buy her music, she has stated that it is not her singing or song writing ability but it is because she won two Grammys for her debut album. Many of the artists music fans are likely to disagree with this statement as Adele is regarded as one of the greatest singers and song writers of this decade.

The Grammy awards which she received helped to open her music to a much wider audience and also gave her the exposure to a much larger number of people, for this Adele is very thankful.

Adele was extra thankful to receive The Grammy awards as she realises that they are recognised throughout the world. Whilst speaking at a press conference the singer revealed that whilst she realised each country has their own awards, The Grammy are extra special as everybody is interested in them.

The Grammy awards were presented to the artist for her debut album 19 at the end of her promotion campaign and therefore she said she did not realise the hype which had been created around her or the album. She now says that The Grammys are her introduction when she travels around the globe. It is for this reason which she believes she has been so successful not only in the UK but around the world.

Adele has become one of the most popular UK music artists of recent times and it is very likely that her fantastic success will continue. Her work offers something different within the industry, her lyrics have true meaning.