/Musicians That Died at 27

Musicians That Died at 27

Although to some music fans the death of Amy Winehouse has not come as a shock, numerous other music artists have also died at the young age of twenty seven. There is a wide range of artists who have died, all who produced different music and had different tastes, the one thing they all have in common is that they all had a great influence on the music industry.

One of the founding members of the Rolling Stones also died at this age. Brian Jones was well known by music fans for his guitar and harmonica role within the band. The band member was found dead at his home in Hartfield in Sussex, his body was found in the swimming pool. After an autopsy the coroner announced that the death had been caused by misadventure. It was also noted by the coroner that the music artists liver was heavily damaged from alcohol and substance abuse.

Jimi Hendrix was also an individual to die at the age of twenty seven, he was born in 1942 and died in 1970. Today, Hendrix is regarded as one of the greatest electric guitarists of all times, he is also still widely recognised for his sense of style. It is believed that Hendrix died due to choking on his own vomit, although many people believe that he was murdered.

Another artist to die at the young age of twenty seven was Jim Morrison, the popular individual was the frontman of The Doors. His death was announced as heart failure, although an official post-mortem was not carried out, his body had been found in a bathtub in a flat in Paris.

Kurt Cobain also died at this age and was announced dead in 1994. The US artist was the lead singer in the popular band Nirvana. It is believed that Cobain committed suicide after an electrician discovered the singers body at his home when he arrived to fit a security system. On the chest of the body was a shotgun, the coroner ruled that Cobain had died from a gunshot to the head. Numerous rumours circulated about the cause of death after a private investigator was hired by Cobain’s wife Courtney Love who believed that her husband had been murdered.

Richey Edwards was well known for his role in the rock band the Manic Street Preachers. Edwards had gone missing and was due to be flying to the US in order to perform in a tour. After two weeks of Edwards being missing his car was found near Severn Bridge. In 2008 he was officially confirmed dead, it is believed that the individual jumped from the bridge. Although his body has never been found and therefore many people believe he may still be alive. Family and friends of the artist insist he would never commit suicide, furthermore there have been sightings of the artist all over the world since he went missing.