/Music.co.uk Welcomes The Return Of Toploader!

Music.co.uk Welcomes The Return Of Toploader!

l_91e5482065184f63aaceb32db3d6867eMy Dad may groan, but I really liked Toploader’s most famous song, and couldn’t resist having a little sing along when it came on the TV, during that well known supermarket advert! Toploader have been very quiet over the last five years. But the good news (sorry Dad) is they are back with new material, and a new gig date in London.

The reformed band will take to the stage at the Flagship Apple Store in Regent Street, London, as part of the brand new, monthly, City Showcase sessions. The full band will showcase their shiny new songs, and some old favourites on the 23rd March, and take part in a Q&A with the audience! It’s sure to be a great gig, so make sure you check it out if you can; if not then make sure you visit www.myspace.com/toploaderuk for more information on the band.

And finally, if you want to find out more about the City Showcase Sessions, or the vast number of gigs, and workshops taking place between the 6-9th May at the annual City Showcase Festival, then visit www.cityshowcase.com, and maybe soon you’ll be ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ to some great live music!