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Music.co.uk Talks To The Dolly Rockers

The Dolly Rockers Working With KangaRoo Footwear
The Dolly Rockers Working With KangaRoo Footwear

Welcome to the world of The Dolly Rockers, a three piece pop band from the UK who describe their sound as ‘Wonky Pop’. We speak to them in the midst of a busy schedule, which included judging a dance competition hosted by KangaROO’s footwear, and featuring their new single ‘Gold Digger’. Read on to find out what they had to say about this, all things British, and the TV show they’d most like to appear on!

1) Hi everyone, welcome to music.co.uk, perhaps you could start by introducing yourselves to our readers?
Hello everyone! We’re the Dolly Rockers! W’re a new girl band, and have been best friends for 4 years! We write all our own music, and design our own outfits.

2) How would you describe the Dolly Rockers sound for those who haven’t heard you yet?
We would call what we do wonky pop or cocky pop! We have fun in everything that we do! We have been compared to Bananarama, Shampoo, The Spice Girls, and The Arctic Monkeys. We write about our everyday lives in our songs, with a lot of cheeky lyrics!

3) We’ve seen British flags all over your official website, what are your favourite British things? And also how would you sell the part of Britain you’re from?

The 3 of us, before we met, came from different parts of Britain. One thing I have to say, is we don’t appreciate British weather lol! We love the British music scene; some of the most talented musicians have come from places such as Liverpool and Sheffield. Brooke is from Manchester, and the thing she loves most about it is the night life. Brooke would sell Manchester to you, by taking you out on a wild night with her! Sophie is from Leeds, and loves how chilled out it is there. Everyone in London is always rushing around; in Leeds no one is in a rush. In the town centre everyone is so relaxed. Also you can go on a night out and have a glass of wine for £1, where as in London its £9! Lucy is from London and Loves the west end, and the tube. She always nips into central London, and goes shopping around Brick Lane, and all the trendy back street vintage shops!

4) We’ve heard that you’re involved with a dance competition organised by KangaRoo, what can you tell us about this and how’s it all going?

We are involved with KangaROO’s dance competition, Its so much fun!! Loads of kids have entered, and have to dance to our last single ‘Gold Digger’. Whoever we choose as the best gets to come along to our next music video, gets a show reel, and some webasodes on the KangaROO website! They also get a free day with our choreographer, who is a slave driver, but is amazing! We had to sit behind a judging panel like on XFactor, it was very fun!

5) If you were asked to design your own range of footwear by KangaRoo, what would they look like, and what would you call the line?
Kangroos HAVE designed a new shoe range inspired by us! They’re very cool and funky, all in different colours, so you can get whatever suits you best! If we could name the shoes we would call them Dollyrockers!! I know its not original, haha, but it’s a good name!

6) You seemed to have caused a bit of controversy when you first started, slating other girl bands, being a bit wild etc, looking back do you think that was the best way to start your career?
In this industry you learn that not everyone is your best friend, and all journalists want to do is make a good story. We haven’t directly gone out and slagged anyone off, and you learn not to believe everything you read! We do have opinions though, but they stay between us.

7) What TV/Game show do you think you’d be best on?
Never Mind The Buzzcocks!

8 ) Who or what makes the Dolly Rockers laugh?
Keith Lemon makes us laugh! The women from Absolutely Fabulous make us really laugh!! Just anyone with personality!

9) What music related skills or activities would you like to improve on, or try for the first time?
Brooke wants to learn the triangle!! Not really sure why! We all want to learn to play instruments. Sophie wants to learn to play the drums!

10) What can we expect from the Dolly Rockers for the rest of 2009, and into 2010?
A Lot of fun and good pop songs! We want to bring fun back to music!

If you want to join the Dolly Rockers, and bring the fun back into music, you can find them online at www.thedollyrockers.com. You can also find out about KangaRoos and their dance competition at www.bebo.com/mykangaroos.