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Music.co.uk Chats To Leon Mitchell

Leon Mitchell www.leonmitchell.co (15)Leon Mitchell has always been a guy with an entrepreneurial spirit, so when his passion for music didn’t take him in quite the direction he was hoping for, he combined both things together to form Ocean Fall, a company which now provides a range of services for music and acting talent worldwide. Leon has also studied acting and has been cast in film and TV parts. Sounds like he’s got plenty to talk to music.co.uk about then!

What are your thoughts on the music industry at the moment, and how does it compare to when you were out performing?

Well, when I was on the music scene, it was all about things like “Pop Bus”, “Smash Hits Tour”, and groupies lol. These days it seems to be about indie music and selling downloads. Back then it was CD singles, downloads weren’t heard of. I must admit though, I love the music industry today, and I totally embrace the digital generation I love my I-Pod!

We’ve heard you’ve written as well as performed songs in the past, what style of songs were these, and how do/did you find the song writing process?

Well, I have spent as long as I can remember writing songs, even now I’m an actor, I still write on my guitar from time to time. My style has always been pop/rock, and I love a killer ballad!

Is it good, now you can play or make music for yourself, without the pressures to make it?

Oh yes! I love that. I remember in my boy band days having endless amounts of meetings with labels like Sony/EMI, and it was like life or death lol. I also remember a deal we signed with a particular manager/ label, we were put in a house together, and basically told what to do, day in day out. I would never do that again. In a way, I couldn’t care less anymore about record labels, as I do it for the love, for fun, and to feed my creative side. When I turned to the business of music years ago, I spent time working for labels etc, and got to see how it all works. It’s just not me, and too much politics is involved. I just love to create!

If you had control of a radio station for a day, what would you do to the shows/playlists?

I would hand it over to the public, to take over, and play what they want! I would also have loads of funny guests in, and spend the day laughing my head off! Laughter really is the best medicine! I would just run riot, and make it chaos to drive the bosses mad. Oh I would also play lots of JLS! I worked with Aston for years at “Popstars” and he’s so talented. I’m loving his success! He is a top guy.

Who do you see making an impact music wise this year?

Pixie Lott, JLS, Michael Buble, and I hope pop music makes a huge comeback lol. I love my guitar bands, and indie etc, but pop does seem to be making an impact thanks to shows like the X Factor!.

How did you find the process of setting up and developing your own music/entertainment business?

I found it easy! I had amazing people to help, coach, and guide me. I’d also spent all my days in music on the creative side, so I had learned the ropes early on. It all came natural, and I had luck on my side with my own determination. That was a recipe for success!

How much did your performing experience help you in this venture?

It’s my foundation; it taught me everything, all the basics! Also, my first manager was a big impact and taught me a hell of a lot. I also went to uni and did a business degree in music, so that helped. It’s like a natural progression going from an artist, into the business. Only thing is I loved to act, as much as I loved to sing and play.

What are your hopes for the future of Ocean Fall?

To sell it and live the life of a king! ha ha. Na it’s my life, and my passion so I want to keep growing it, an moving it forward around the world. Also we are always moving with the times, so I want to keep current, and continue to have the success I’m having right now. But the real future is all about being happy with my family, so there will come a day when I leave showbiz behind for a new adventure!

What are your tips for anyone who’d like to progress as a music artist, or as a songwriter, both of which Leon Mitchell www.leonmitchell.co (19)can be hardgoing?

It’s all about who you know, or who you can get to know, and of course how good you are. Sitting in your bedroom making beats won’t get you producing Jay Z’s new record lol. You have to get the product (that’s you) ready and up to standard, then get it to the right people who can help you progress. So, go network and always aim to work with the best. Network , Network, Network!

Quite often acting can be a springboard into singing, (Kylie, Dannii, Summer Strallen in Hollyoaks), do you think it can work the other way round?
I don’t actually know, but I’m giving it a go! I kind of have an advantage, as part of Ocean Fall is a celebrity and acting agency, and one of the biggest. It’s funny as most actors I know would love to have commercial success with music, and loads of singers I know now want to be in a movie. So who knows!

Have you found any of your past experiences useful with your acting work?

To be very honest, not really, as it’s totally different. I mean I’m used to being on sets, or in front of a camera, but acting is a real skill, there’s so much more to it than one would think. I did train as an actor, but really had to start from ground level and build up, I’m still always learning.

Since we’re a music site, what would be your ideal/fantasy a)music related part and/or b) music related show to star in?

I would love to have an audience with “Leon Mitchell” lol, and perform with Michael Buble and his band!

If we were casting agents, what special skills would you impress us with?
Ok, now I’m on the spot lol. I’d tell them a joke! Well I don’t suppose they would have an SA80 5.56mm Rifle hanging around would they? I can strip one to its nuts and bolts in like 15-20 secs lol. I could get my guitar out and sing a song, do the moonwalk, lol gosh I dont know!

And finally, do you have a message for all our readers who’ll be reading this soon?

Thank you very much for reading this, and finding out a bit more about me. All my acting work and updates on are on my website (www.leonmitchell.co.uk). Oh and also, keep spreading the love for music.co.uk 🙂
Leon x