/Why You Need Music Studio Insurance

Why You Need Music Studio Insurance

Music studio insurance, just like any other insurance, is something that you need to think about if you own or run a music studio.  Whether you have a home studio or run a professional business out of a rented space it is essential that you have music studio insurance that will cover you in case of problems that could arise.

Music studios aren’t like many other standard businesses, and the typical insurance should not be used to cover them.  There are not only the building that you need to insure, but the expensive musical equipment, instruments, and the technology that you have set up within your music studio.  This includes not only your gear, but the gear of clients that may be in your space for days or even weeks.  This isn’t even including the media that they are being recorded on, the recordings they are making as well as their actual property.

If you have a moderate home music studio then your typical home insurance may suffice, but if you are running a full fledged business, then you can’t rely on home insurance to cover the damages.  There are many music studio insurance companies that are specifically put into place to cover the exact situation so you don’t have to worry about all the little odds and ends within a typical home insurance that may or may not cover the music industry.

Any agent that you work with in the music studio insurance company will understand what you have and what you need covered, so there will be no miscommunication of any type.  They understand that what you have in your music studio at times isn’t even yours.  It could be borrowed, rented or it could belong to a band or talent.

Essentially, music studio insurance is a form of general liability insurance that is designed to protect you against third party lawsuits from bodily injury or property damage.  It is specifically made for music studios or rehearsal spaces to cover things like someone falling or injuring themselves on your property or if the talent that is recording plugs their equipment into your board only to find that it blows out their electrical instruments.  The clients could then sue you easily.  The fact is people do sue over these kinds of incidents, no matter what type of business it is.  Just by dealing with the public you are opening yourself up to this situation so it is important to deal with music studio insurance to not only protect yourself but your business as well.Most studio insurance companies have a business policy that works directly with your studio so that if you charge a fee, no matter how little, you can be sure that the business policy covers you for anything that may happen.  This type of liability can not only save your career but the future of your business.  Although rates may vary depending on music studio insurance, the investment that you make into this type of insurance is not only essential to your livelihood, but to your overall success.