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Music Streaming Site Guide

Although downloading music heralded a revolution in the music industry, and changed the music charts forever, using our PC’s just like a stereo for music streaming is an almost obligatory pastime as well! Here I take a look at five music streaming sites out there, and what you can expect should you decide to pay a visit.


Global music service Last.fm is a site where the listeners make a real difference. Setting up a Last.fm profile is easy, and once done gives you access to a vast catalogue of music from grass roots level up to celebrity status. Members can listen to, and create a library of their favourite songs, and their tastes are tracked connecting them to other people who like the same music, and similar artists, helping to promote them on site. Artists registered can earn money from every listen their tracks have, appear in the charts, and increase their fanbase through music sharing.


Spotify offers unlimited music, whenever you want it, via both computers and mobile phones. They have a library of over 8 million tracks to stream, share with your Spotify friends, and make into your ultimate music playlists. How much of the Spotify experience you get depends on the package you sign up for, and there are three to choose from. The first package is free, and offers 20 hours of web streaming a month, and a 14 day service if you want to use the service abroad. The free invite only service includes unlimited streaming, plus Spotify Radio, and music sharing options. Then you can pay either £4.99 or £9.99 a month for mobile and offline listening, exclusive content, and most importantly no adverts. Other features on the site include celebrity playlists, and competitions.


We7 is a site that has legal and safe music downloading and streaming at the core of its operation. The site was co-founded by ex Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel. It has over 3 million songs for its users to discover, share, and stream. It works in partnership with record labels to provide a vast array of music. The free service is supported by advertising, with short adverts playing out before the song, while there is also the option to pay to listen uninterrupted via their jukebox, or download higher quality mp3’s, that will work on most players.


Reverbnation is the ultimate resource for not only music fans, but for music acts and others in the business too. There are genre specific radio stations streaming the best of Reverbnations output, and music files available via each acts ‘mini website’. Here you can also find out about the band, search for acts in your local area, and join street teams. Venues/bands/labels/and management have tools to market and distribute their music digitally, sell merchandise, tickets, and downloads, find acts for gigs, and much more. Free and premium features are available, with easy to navigate sections to find the best tools for your needs.


Often the site of choice for music acts of all levels to showcase their music, it offers a great platform for music streaming. You don’t have to be a member to listen to your favourite songs on myspace, they will play out all over the world to visitors, though if you are a member you can create your own music libraries, and add your favourite songs and videos to your profile for all your friends to see. There’s also the chance to watch exclusive video premieres, listen to interviews from your favourite acts, and discover a whole wealth of new and unsigned talent too.

Do you use any of these services? What do you think of them? Are there any other sites that are well worth checking out on the music streaming front? If you have feedback or opinion on any of these points, please feel free to comment on the article, or even send us an opinion piece.