/Music Sales Decline

Music Sales Decline

It is being reported that music sales in the UK have fallen for yet another year, despite the best efforts of the major artists in the country. It had been believed that the sales of music may have increased as a result of the excellent form of Adele and Coldplay, although this has not been the case.

Music sales have fallen despite the increasing popularity of digital downloads, sales in vinyl have also risen but the sales of CDs continues to fall dramatically.

According to the latest figures that have been released the combined sales of digital and physical album have fallen by over 5.6% to 113.2 million. The industry peak was in 2004 where sales of albums reached 163.4 million.

Digital sales of albums in the UK have rises by 26.6% and this is likely to continue to rise. Although the sales of compact disc albums has fallen by 12.6% to 86.2 million. There have been sales of 389,000 albums on vinyl and other formats.

The music industry in Britain continues to struggle on economic terms and it continues to fight against the mass amount of illegal downloading that is occurring.

Record companies are joining together in order to produce strategies that will help the music market pick up.

Many record companies plan to move to only digital downloads within the near future.