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Music Millionaires

The Times rich list for 2011 has been launched and numerous UK music stars feature within the list. Some artists have remained at their previous positions, some have moved up or down and there are also numerous new entries. The list is compiled every year by the newspaper The Times in order to provide a list of the richest people within the UK, it predominantly features high net worth individuals involved in numerous business areas.

New entrants on to the rich list include Adele, Taio Cruz and Florence Welch. The introduction of Adele on to the rich list will come as little surprise to music fans after the fantastic success she has had in the recent year. She currently holds number one and number two in the UK album charts with her debut album ‘19’ and her new album ‘21’.

At the top of the UK young music millionaires is Katherine Jenkins, born in 1980, Katherine is a Welsh classical performer. She is very popular and performs at numerous different locations across the world.

Leona Lewis and Charlotte Church who had previously held high positions within the rich list have slipped slightly. Charlotte Church is believed to have moved down due to her activities decreasing, new material has not been released for a while as it appears she is focusing on looking after her children.

In ninth position were numerous well known music performers, with the net worth being around £6million. The performers to share the 9th spot are Adele, Lily Allen, Natasha Bedingfield, Duffy, Amy Winehouse and Nadine Coyle.

The majority of the list is actually females, although Taio Cruz entered at number fourteen with a valuation of £5 million being placed on. Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine has also been valued at £5 million.

Numerous well known and wealthy music moguls are featured within the rich list, this includes Clive Calder who is the former owner of Jive and Zomba Records, he has been valued at being worth around £1.3 billion.

Andrew Lloyd Webber also features within the list, being valued at £680 million.

Paul Mccartney, Mick Jagger and Simon Cowell are other music industry people who feature within the list, with all being valued at very high amounts.