/Music Industry Copyright Review

Music Industry Copyright Review

A review is being created which will change the music industry copyright laws, The Review of Intellectual Property and Growth is being created an delivered to George Osborne and Vince Cable.

The review is being created in order to ensure that the copyright laws are suitable for the modern day and the modern day Internet user.

The prime minister has stated that wished to use a relaxation of intellectual property laws, similar to a system which is used within the United States. This would allow the legal use of copyright material without the contact of the main owner in certain circumstances. David Cameron believes that this would ensure there is a greater extent of creative innovation, although representatives of the music industry are understandably wary.

The music industry has lobbied against the UK adoption of such systems in a strong way, they have stated that this would put the material of artists at jeopardy and would raise issues to the royalties which artists should receive.

The prime minister has stated that copyright material would only be used in certain circumstances without gaining permission, this included in teaching, criticism and comment. Although the music industry has argued that that numerous products would emerge that bypass the copyright laws and exploit the music materials created by artists.

It is believed that the review has significant links to the search engine Google as under this review Google would be able to start up within the UK. Numerous other organisations wish to see the reform including Wellcome Trust and the British Library.

Whilst the music industry are attempting to block this reform, Google has stated that the reform would benefit small businesses which are forced to change their products in order to avoid breaking copyright laws. They have also stated that it is notoriously difficult to get access to copyright material and when it is possible it is excessively expensive.

UK music industry representatives have raised issues surrounding the extent to which intellectual property rights will be impacted upon. In the view of the industry the music intellectual property right should remain with the rightful owners and a review of this type is not required or welcomed.