/MTV Search for Star

MTV Search for Star

MTV UK will partner with Emporio Armani Diamonds in order to produce its new search for a music star. The partnership will be named MTV Brand New for 2013 and this will be the annual search for the best in new talent within the UK music industry.

The campaign will be formed of nine individuals that have recently been signed to record label. Along with these individuals there will also be one singer who MTV have picked who they believe has what it takes in order to break through locally and internationally.

The new partnership with Armani is a major scoop for MTV and there will be a full publicity campaign around this. There is a launch event planned at the Emporio Armani flagship store on Bond Street.

The launch event will include a live performance from one of the biggest stars of the moment, Labrinth. There will also be a series of gigs across the UK in order to celebrate the search for the best in UK music.