/Ms Dynamite set for return

Ms Dynamite set for return

The UK Hip Hop star Ms Dynamite is preparing to make a comeback in the UK hip hop and grime scene. October 2005 saw the artist release her second album within the charts, this was named Judgement Days; although this wasn’t as well received as her previous work. Her previous work includes her debut album A Little Deeper from 2002; this attracted excellent reviews and saw her winning the Mercury music prize beating people such as David Bowie and the Streets.

Her first went only to number twenty five and whilst some music experts said this was no disgrace, but Ms Dynamite stated she was not happy. She discussed its progress with the record label and said that she was not happy with how the music was being recognised by the UK music scene. The artist stated that she did not feel there was a single on the album that could save it and therefore decided that no more money should be spent on the album.

The record label pulled all funding and any live appearances that Ms Dynamite was signed up for were pulled. The artist opted to withdraw from the music scene and did not reveal when or if she would return. The artist has not released a single in her own name or alone in the past half a decade.

Although the artist did not disappear from the press scene altogether, in 2006, the artist was arrested from outside a nightclub within London and sentenced to 60 hours community service after threatening a female police officer.

Now the artist is back performing and producing music within the urban music scene and has been active in doing so for the past eighteen months. In the past few months the artist has added her lyrics to numerous songs including two from the up and coming London star Katy B. These songs included Wile Out and Lights On.

The artist has now stated that she is hoping to rekindle her careers with numerous different projects. Despite her demise from the music scene several years ago the artist has stated that she does not regret the steps she took back then.