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MP3 Picks

Summer is here, the weather is well up and down like a rollercoaster, so what better way to hide from the rain than to download some new tracks for my MP3 Player, but what to choose?

• Although it’s been out for a while, I kick off with the Take That song Rule The World. It’s probably one of my favourite tracks of theirs, and has an absolutely beautiful melody. The criminal thing is, putting the song over the closing credits of the film Stardust, AND not putting the track on a Take That album. It’s an amazing song and deserves better.

• Next up, I turn to the Lady Gaga track Poker Face. It’s more the song than the artist with this one. It gradually grew on me, until I couldn’t resist singing along with the chorus, and occasionally turning up the volume when it was on the radio.

• Another song that has grown on me is Red by Daniel Merriweather. I’ve not heard the rest of his album yet, but this is a great choice for a single. The lyrics are very well written, and it’s another song with a captivating melody. I wish I’d written it!

• This next track surprised me: I sometimes delve in to R&B/Hip Hop/Urban music, but I wasn’t expecting to like a collaboration between DJ Ironik, Chipmunk, and Elton John. Elton John certainly has an impressive versatility; he seems to work well with all kinds of music artists. This song is smooth, slick, and infectious.

• Last but by no means least, my last download this month has to be Michael Jackson and The Jackson Five. I recently brought their ‘Best Of’ Album, and also Michael Jacksons ‘Number Ones’ C.D. There may have been a dazzling array of releases in the shops, but this is all I need to remember a great talent at his best. Of course some of my favourite songs are now on my MP3 Player, including ‘I Want You Back’, ‘Thriller’, and ‘Black Or White’. Whatever we though of Michael Jackson, his music will have memories for us all.

What are you listening to at the moment, have you downloaded anything special, or come across an artist you think everyone should check out? Shout about it on the music.co.uk forums, or leave a comment here.