/Monuments and Melodies; Incubus, the Best Of

Monuments and Melodies; Incubus, the Best Of

While Incubus may conjure up images regarding Japanese mythical heritage, it’s also the name of a very significant Californian alternative band who have pioneered and moved musical genres creating a unique sound.
For many years this band has sat at the front line of musical progression. From their very beginning they were innovative with their funk/folk/jazz fusion impressing and capturing the hearts of stoned hippies world wide. After their first two albums the band maintained a solid fan base that expanded even more with the 2000 release of ‘Drive’, the first major popular release for the band which accelerated their critical acclaim world wide.
Soon enough, world tours were booked and not only was Incubus’ original sound gaining attention, but the charmingly boyish good looks of singer Brandon Boyd.

From the moment that ‘Drive’ graced the airwaves the bands career took off. Soon enough album after album was being produced, and their concert tickets were selling out at record breaking times.

Large and Lengthy Career

Now, a decade after their first big single release, and almost 18 years since their humble beginnings the band has toured the globe, conquered the charts, and kept their fans happy. Their career has been large and lengthy, and still with a large following soon enough to be compacted and prized to you in a Best Of collection, hitting the stores on the 16th of June.

Monument and Melodies, titled after a B-side, is going to be a roaring success. The album is comprised of two separate discs, the first containing entirely hit songs from the band’s lengthy career. The second of which contains their B-sides of which fans have been dying to get their hands on. Most of the B-sides have only been found through singles of the releases, or rare bootlegs recorded and distributed at their concerts.

The first disc is going to treat fans to two brand new songs, clips of which can be found on the band’s official site: www.enjoyincubus.com The track listing from the first album is as follows:

Black Heart Inertia (new)
Love Hurts
Wish You Were Here
Talk Shows On Mute
Pardon Me
Oil And Water
Are You In?
Nice To Know You
Midnight Swim (new)

The list is comprehensive and covers a great deal of their career. While there are no songs from their earlier album Fungus Amongus (1995), the rest of the list covers each album with their released singles, as well as favourites of the fans. A decent list of songs which will keep fans happy as well as win over new ones.
The second B-Side album track list is as follows:

Neither Of Us Can See
Look Alive
While All The Vultures Feed
Punch Drunk
A Certain Shade Of Green (Acoustic)
Monuments And Melodies
Let’s Go Crazy

Each of these songs are just as important as their popular singles. With Admiration, a soaring and moving song to deep and raw Neither of Us Can See, it’s going to remind the world just exactly why Incubus have stuck around as long as they have.

A definite pick up when you’re in the record store after its release, the cd is going to be well constructed as a best of collection, as well as inviting fans to listen to new songs and indulge in B-Sides they may have previously been unable to locate.

Don’t forget to check out the band in their full glory during their Monuments and Melodies tour across the States between July and August this year.

Check out www.enjoyincubus.com for more information, as well as pre-sale opportunities!