/Mister Jack: Dream A Little Dream This Christmas!

Mister Jack: Dream A Little Dream This Christmas!

Rage Against The Machine v X Factor, the battle for Christmas Number One is all over the papers, internet, in fact everywhere, but neither of the songs in this battle are actually festive, so we thought we’d add yet more festive cheer to music.co.uk, and review another seasonal song.

Mister Jack is something of an internet sensation, with his tunes attracting interest all over Facebook, Myspace, and Bebo, oh and there is the small matter of an internet television appearance in America too. Now he is hoping to build upon all this attention and have a successful Christmas record, oh and it’s not just internet popularity he’s adding to the festive mix either, he’s got a couple of legendary musicians on board too.

‘Dream A Little Dream This Christmas’ features Squeeze legends Simon Hanson (drums), and Stephen Large (Piano). So he’s got the audience, and the star guests, but is the song actually any good? Only one way to find out!

Over on youtube is the official video for the song, complete with home video footage of snow capped trees, a in-store Santa Claus, Christmas Decorations, and erm a couple of ladies in sexy Santa outfits! The latter suggests some saucy, tongue in cheek lyrics, and Mister Jack doesn’t disappoint! His lyrical rhymes are sung at an unknown female voice/fictional love interest, who sings back at him throughout the track. This is all played out against a backdrop of Ska/Rap sounds, and plenty of Christmas bells.

It’s all very retro in a Madness style vein, and although Ska music isn’t something I would normally listen to, I couldn’t resist the odd smile. It definitely has a bit of brash/cheeky charm! In terms of the big wide music world, well I think there would be a case for stamping it with ‘been done before’, but when it comes to Christmas records, I found it quite refreshing!

Check out the video above, and if you like it, why not download it now! For more information visit www.misterjack.co.uk or www.myspace.com/misterjackofficial.