/Missing Andy: The Way We’re Made

Missing Andy: The Way We’re Made

Single release: June 21st

Missing Andy have built up quite a following in their home county of Essex, and very much hope to expand their loyal fanbase with the release of their new single ‘The Way We’re Made’, on Echoboom Records. With single artwork that resembles something of a scientific experiment, you may expect this song to be something of an education, and in some respects you’d be right! This five piece Urban Rock act are here to educate music fans on what life was like growing up in working class Britain, and have created a song, that lyrically is both message laden, and nostalgic. Their very accurate take on the England of their youth, mentions everything from Semolina Pudding and School Dinners to football, with a few standout phrases in between, such as “never went to church but sometimes we pray” and “only bit of grass we had said no ball games”. This is one part of the song that certainly grabs the attention, and although I wasn’t initially keen on the rapping in the verses, it did grow on me, and was followed by a stronger chorus with several band members taking on vocals. It’s an interesting mix of urban and rock influences, and I enjoyed the lyrics. A job pretty well done, which I think will do well on its release.

To find out more about Missing Andy, and where they will be performing this Summer, please visit www.myspace.com/missingandy.