/Miri: Myspace Review

Miri: Myspace Review

Miri is a brand new singer-songwriter from London, who is currently promoting her debut album on the live circuit in the captial. As an artist, Miri is an interesting subject, with her songs hinting at both commercial and alternative influences, and artists such as Lily Allen, Macy Gray, and indie/pop act Keane. Of her four tracks on Myspace, I enjoyed ‘An Invitation’ and ‘Bitter Romantic’ the most. For me, these were more in tune with my pop sensibilities, and I got quite caught up in the flowing, infectious melodies. Miri can perform with a live band, or in a stripped down acoustic set-up, the latter can be heard on her track ‘Blue Skies’. I found this very easy to listen to, and was reminded of summer, through the dreamy, wistful mood of the song. Her fourth track, ‘Colours’ was a more ambient, slightly electro style track. The slower tempo and heavier bass guitar combine with quite forceful lyrics, which unfortunately, all became a little repetitive for me.

Overall, I can see these songs being a success for Miri, because they offer her many opportunities. They will work with a band or acoustically live, many of them are radio friendly, and some could even work in television or film. As I said, Miri is an interesting artist, and one you should all pop along to listen to. You can find her on Myspace at www.myspace.com/wheresmiri