/Miley Cyrus – 7 Things

Miley Cyrus – 7 Things

I ended up watching “Miley Cyrus – 7 Things” after going on a youtube expedition, the link to it was from a video from the Thing Things. Yes, internet morons not knowing its the Ting Tings. Saying that, Katie ‘ting Ting’ White is slightly age ambigious so perhaps a letter here or there is not that harsh!

Back to the excuse story, on the right hand side up popped the Cyrus track which had had 108,130,874 views. Yes, one hundred and eight MILLION views. Thats 3 minutes 40 seconds each time, which is 753.83744 years. My question is, was this a waste of time? What is Miley Cyrus about apart from being yet another sleb daughter singing?

The first thing you notice is the class of spammers Miley attracts, which for a seventeen year old is particularly disturbing. Stuff like “SEE MILEY AT BRITTANY MURPHY’S FUNERAL. See Miley break down and cry over the death of her lost friend. See this touching video, on my site. “ and other horrible gems. I guess thats the pound of flesh with ‘fame’.

Destiny Hope Cyrus as she was born, nicknamed Miley as it rhymes with Smiley, is just that in this video. Its very punky pop Avril style ‘Girlfriend’ at times, verging into ‘Complicated’ which is no bad thing as they were both landmark singles in Lavignes career (By ‘landmark’ I mean I cannot recall any others). Smiley starts with a 1-2-3-4 count in, a few ‘shhhs’ and some nice strumming in the background. A good few lyrics, and its rock out time, but just stage kicks and screen screaming rather than ‘crashing the mall’ in canada.

The lyrical content is very similar to Complicated, with the unknown* third party being a different person whilst around his friends. Miley has thankfully done away with a silly pronunciation of ‘pose’ and ‘preppy clothes’.

Overall I found “7 Things” quite banal, very much teeny rock pop with no edge that parents would require warning about. It is not a terrible song, nor is the video particularly bad in any specific way. The problem lies in that the second it finished I could not tell you anything about it apart from it made me think of Avril Lavigne and a production line of candyfloss pop that is unstoppable. Ideal targeting you could say, or a waste of my bloody time as I would say.

Christina Aguilera – age 29
Britney Spears – age 28
Avril Lavigne – age 25
Ashley Tisdale – age 24
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – age 23
Hilary Duff – age 22
Taylor Swift – age 20
Jordan Pruitt – age 18
Miley Cyrus – age 17

Are Savannah Outen and Selena Gomez the future? Anyway… on with the Miley Cyrus video of Seven Things:

* I must admit I know who that is, based on this comment on youtube:

“i use to like this song until i found out that this was bout nick j so now i’m piss off at miley cause she was all kissing and holding nicks dogtag from his diabetes so now to me miley cyrus is now a B***H!!! & A S**T!!!!
i’m with NELENA!!!!!”

Thats Nick Jonas. From the Jonas Brothers. I shall find out what they do another time…!