/Michael Jackson album vocals ‘not fake’

Michael Jackson album vocals ‘not fake’

Sony Music has dismissed claims that vocals on a new Michael Jackson album are not those of the star. The organisation has stated that they have complete confidence that the recordings are genuine. This confirmation has come from Sony after allegations from TMZ.com, they claimed that Michael’s two eldest children had stated the recordings were not genuine work. A new song from Michael Jackson was released n the Michael Jackson website on Monday; the new track is named ‘Breaking News’.

His nephews TJ and Taryll Jackson have now complained on Twitter about the track’s fake and shady vocals. Sony confirmed in the statement which they released that they had, “Complete confidence in the results of our extensive research, as well as the accounts of those who were in the studio with Michael, that the vocals on the new album are his own”. Numerous rumours have been launched since the death of Michael Jackson; the rumours have focused on the personal life and also the music of the singer.

TJ the son of the singer’s brother has tweeted on Twitter, “deceptively merging shady vocals with MJ samples – from prior MJ record – will never fool me”. And Taryll Jackson, also Tito’s son has stated, “songs that are my uncle singing on the upcoming album and I will support those 100%”. The tracks on the album contain tracks which the star had been working on before he died in June 2009.