/New Method for Coldplay

New Method for Coldplay

Coldplay have become one of the biggest bands in the world and their music is appreciated by many. Not only do the band provide the best live performances but they also write fantastic music. Having many number one singles and albums is obviously a very big plus for the band. Coldplay have recently tried to write their new album under hypnosis; they did this after the insistence of their producer Brian Eno. A hypnotherapist was brought in to try and hypnotize the band. The expert was brought in as a test to try and see the results it would have as the band recorded their latest album, Mylo Xoloto.

Brian Eno is the former Roxy Music star and he has worked with Coldplay on many different occasions. The producer has many different wacky methods that he uses in an attempt to get the best out of artists.

Bass player for Coldplay, Guy Berryman revealed that the band are not afraid of trying different things to try and get the best out of their band. A friend of the producer was brought in and Coldplay recorded music whilst under hypnosis. Apparently the band thought that not much changed and the music the produced was very similar to what they would usually create.

Eno is regarded as one of the biggest producers in the music business and he is behind the Achtung Baby album produced by U2. Apparently Eno uses many different oblique strategies to try and get more out of artists.

In a recent press conference the frontman of Coldplay, Chris Martin had an uncharacteristic expletive packed rant where he stated he had become angered about claims relating to plagiarism.

Chris Martin is an individual that has become world famous for the excellent music that he produces. By many music fans he is regarded as being one of the best performers in the UK.