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Metal For Babies

 Every rock’n’roll parent is going to want to put their music taste on their kids. It’s like passing on of style, genes, and talent. But in some cases, the music tastes don’t mesh – especially if your child is a 3 month old infant, whose poor ears can’t stand the sound of Slipknot.

Lately, however, a trend has been emerging from the music market which is putting a whole new spin on the listening to metal music, for young babies. This innovative idea is called ‘Rockabye Baby.’

Lullabies can be just what a baby needs to fall asleep. Soothing sounds of bells and calming melodic notes can be what stimulates the baby’s brain, as well as helping it to calm down and distract itself from being awake. With this innovation, parents have been trying to avoid this process post-natal and start introducing music to the baby through the womb. It has been encouraged that the baby listens to classical music like Mozart in order to encourage brain function, as well as educate it in the finer aspects of music.

When it comes to metal fans, old habits die hard. This is where Rockabye comes in. These people spend hours and hours each day creating, rearranging, recording and performing rock album classics that they’ve transformed into lullabies. These creations are painstakingly put together, as each piece of music must follow the song accurately (as to not rip off metal fans expecting to hear their rendition of Enter Sandman), as well as trying to make the piece as soothing and sleep encouraging as possible… without being boring.

Each of Rockabye’s albums are available on their website, and you’ve got a heap to choose from. Anything from Nine Inch Nails, to Queens of the Stone Age. A brilliant Beatles compilation has been added recently, which joins the ranks of Nirvana albums, Metallica albums and even Cure songs that have been lullabyed for your (and your child’s) listening pleasure.

If it’s not enough that your newborn children are listening to your own music tastes, you can also dress them in such a manner too! With lots of cutesy tshirts around with phrases like ‘Daddys girl’, someone finally found a niche market and created a series of bandshirts for children. The classic Ramones style shirt has been recreated about a tenth of the original size with heaps of other styles to choose from. Hundreds of gorgeous shirts are available across the internet, as well as in boutique stores across the world. Have a Google and see what styles are around there – you’re almost guaranteed to find the shirt of your favourite band. Band’s are now even producing their own bandshirts for fans with families – so definitely check it out next time you visit their website or gig!

With the music covered and the dress sense definitely being organised – there’s no reason why your kid can’t look like a mini version of you. Encouraging musical development in young children (of classical and lullaby music) can develop a child’s brain, as well as teach them the fundamentals of music while they may not even realise it!

Dressing your kids up in bandshirts is not only a gorgeous way to let the world know that they (and their parents) have fantastic taste in music – plus it’s absolutely adorable to walk down the street and see a 6 month old wearing a Nine Inch Nails shirt. Trust me.