/Matthew Glenn Thompson: Ordinary Girl (Single)

Matthew Glenn Thompson: Ordinary Girl (Single)

Matthew Glenn Thompson is a singer-songwriter from America, and former member of the band Quickserv Johnny. ‘Ordinary Girl’ will be his second single release in the UK, but the question is, will it be strong enough to help establish him as a solo artist in the UK? Only one way to find out!

My first impressions of the video to ‘Ordinary Girl’, weren’t promising, in fact I found the whole video, a bit boring and uninventive. I think an opportunity was missed to show the personality and character of the singer, the song however did fare better. ‘Ordinary Girl’ is a radio friendly pop/rock song that has a healthy dose of acoustic/country melodies in its mix. It’s easy to listen to, quite catchy, and although the hooks in the chorus needed a bit more sparkle, the soft electronic arrangements were pleasing. Quite a generic track, but that’s no bad thing, and I think this could do quite well as a radio hit, whether it would have enough impact live is another story, but good effort!

Matthew Glenn Thompson releases ‘Ordinary Girl’ via I-Tunes on May 24th. View the video above, or visit his website www.matthewglennthompson.com for more information.