/Matt Herbert and the Heavy Hitters: Change Something (Mp3 Review)

Matt Herbert and the Heavy Hitters: Change Something (Mp3 Review)


On my travels around the gig venues of Chelmsford, I not only discovered The Library Suits, but also Matt Herbert and the Heavy Hitters. Seeing these guys live is certainly one experience that will stick with me, and it’s easy to see why they have earned the respect of many on the local music scene.

The band is fronted by Matt Herbert, a guy who has a supreme talent when it comes to the 12 string guitar. Even on record, you can easily imagine his fingers deftly working their way at speed through the song. He is joined by the subtle yet effective presence of a drummer and bass player to complete the Heavy Hitters line-up. The track I’m reviewing today is called ‘Change Something’ which they recorded live for local radio station Saint Fm.

As a radio performance, the sound is quite raw, and at first I didn’t quite know what to make of the acoustic/americana style of the track. I would urge everyone to give this song a few listens, as it’s definitely a grower. The chorus is a toe-tapping, foot stomping burst of sing-along goodness, backed up by some well written lyrics. I’m not sure it’s the strongest vocal or overall song I’ve heard from the band, but the track is quirky and fun, and I quite enjoyed it!

Matt Herbert and The Heavy Hitters have many other songs on myspace, all of which are worth a listen! Check them out at www.myspace.com/mattherbert. Their music is an innovation!