/Mariah Carey for X Factor Final?

Mariah Carey for X Factor Final?

The major X Factor final that is approaching was recently publicised on Music.co.uk. It was revealed that Adele had been hoping to perform but had been forced to pull out as a result of illness. It can now be revealed that the X Factor final organisers are hoping to bring Mariah Carey in order to replace Adele.

Recently Adele spoke out of her disappointment at being forced to miss the X Factor final and many other live performances that she has cancelled. Adele was forced to cancel all live performances for 2011 due to illness.

For the first time in X Factor history the live final will be held at the Wembley Arena where major musical acts are being brought in to support the show.

As Adele is now unable to perform the organisers are searching for a major musical name to replace her. Apparently it was always touch and go as to whether Adele would perform and the organisers are understandably upset as she is one of the world’s biggest stars.

It is now hoped that Mariah Carey can be secured for the event or some fans may be left disappointed. Organisers will have to try very hard in order to secure someone as major as Adele.

Artists that have already signed up to the final include One Direction, Coldplay and Michael Buble.

Judge Gary Barlow has stated that this will be the biggest X Factor final ever and that he hopes that it will also be the most successful.