/Maheno Wreck: Myspace Review

Maheno Wreck: Myspace Review

MW2Promise and potential are two buzz words I’d used to describe five piece indie/rock band Maheno Wreck, after reviewing their myspace tracks. There are eight tracks in all currently playing out online, and there are both highlights and flaws in among these songs.

One thing that stood out for me immediately was the unique band name, and the well crafted song titles, from which I was expecting some strong lyrical stories, and for the most part I wasn’t disappointed on that score. Although their track ‘Satisfied’ was a little bit repetitive lyrically, others like ‘Rust’, ‘Horizon’, and ‘Spinning Wheel’ had a very strong storyline to them, which I enjoyed.

I think it would be safe to say this is a band that are quite consistent lyrically, though in some cases it’s their vocal/musical arrangements that need a little work. One example of this is their first track ‘No Way Out’. The lyrics are good, and the band have created quite a mature sound, but when the rocky beats really kick in, the mix isn’t balanced enough, which leads to the vocal getting a bit lost, and the sound a little bit messy. I would also draw attention to another track ‘Heart Of Darkness’. This had an outstanding piano part just before the end, and it would’ve been good to see more piano throughout the song, along with a smoother drum arrangement, and an overall tone that better suited the mood.

Critique aside, the tracks I earmarked as being strong lyrically, also proved to be my overall highlights of this review task. ‘Spinning Wheel’ again has a great piano part, and soaring melody, while ‘Rust’ captures a melancholy mood really well, and ‘Horizon’ has the potential to be a full on power rock ballad.

Overall, I’d say Maheno Wreck are well on their way to creating an accessible, chilled, indie sound. Their ideas are interesting, as is the addition of the piano in their line-up, they just need to polish up their recordings a bit more, so the finished product is smoother, and all the different parts complement each other more.  Balancing out the music/vocals in the production process, will add a bit more depth to their sound.

If their myspace review was designed to draw people in, and get them along to a gig, then in my case it might just have worked, and I look forward to catching them live, and seeing how they develop/improve in the future. For more information on the band visit www.myspace.com/themahenowreck or click here for our interview with the band.