/Madness – Sugar And Spice

Madness – Sugar And Spice

The return of Madness is easily one of the highlights of 2009, a year that has seen the band return to their storming best in the wake of their 30th anniversary. The year has seen the group bowl over many a screaming crowd over this year’s festivals and the release of their much acclaimed ninth studio album ‘The Liberty of Norton Folgate’

‘Sugar and Spice’ is the third release from the album, a track that just shouts classic Madness, it’s fun and full of energy but at the same time has a beautifully romantic feel. It sounds as if the band have finally decided to make music that feels right to them and it works beautifully. It would be easy to put this album down saying it’s just the same old formula, but this is what makes the release so special. The track has the familiar keys, catchy vocal melody and sprightly rhythm that we’ve come to know and love but with a charming and nostalgic view on life in London that proves altogether refreshing.

Sugar and Spice is enough to please any die hard Madness fan and has that quirky Madness magic that screams at chart success, a charming song from an album that beautifully reflects the bands illustrious career.

Sugar and Spice is now available via digital download. You can also watch the video using this link: