/Madness Album Review

Madness Album Review

Madness: Liberty Of Norton Folgate

When I see or hear Madness, I’m never quite sure what to make of them. They have a quirky, slightly oddball approach to all they do, and this is all too apparent in their new album ‘Liberty Of Norton Folgate’. Released on 18th May, it’s something for me, that can only be described as ‘classic’ Madness.

I don’t think music fans will find anything very new or different in the sound/style of this 15 track album. The quirky piano arrangements, electric guitar breaks, and saxophone are all there, as is the monochrome vocals of Suggs. The tracks take listeners on a random lyrical journey around London, taking a detour to Africa, and encountering a few reflections on life along the way. Mention must be made of the interesting instrumental overture at the start of the album, and the title track, which I should warn you, lasts for ten rather long minutes.

Madness is one of the great success stories/cult groups of the Ska genre of music, and I applaud them for that, but this album didn’t really hold my attention, and bring forth many lines of analysis. Sorry guys, but it’s a case of ‘Sugar and Spice’  feels like I’ve heard it twice!